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What can swimming pool lights do?

Lighten Up Summer

One of the best parts of summer is the longer days—which is just another reason outdoor party time is popular in the summer time. Though, it doesn't stay light forever and, for this reason, if you do have a pool you should also invest in pool accessories like lights.

Aesthetically, lights surrounding a pool can be a picturesque site at night. Safety wise, they are also good in preventing any accidents. If you plan to do night swimming, you should also plan to install lights in the pool.

*To prevent any electrical hazards let your pool contractor install the lights when you're installing the swimming pool rather than after it's finished.

Why do you need a poo thermometer?

Know What You're Getting Into

Avoid the cold-water shock by using swimming pool accessories - It's probably happened to all of us at one time or another. You're outside playing a sport or exercising, you're drenched in sweat, you run to dive in the pool and … YIKES! The water is freezing! Unfortunately, water is water and it doesn't change colors if it's super freezing or warm. So, to prevent future frozen shockage, pick up one of the more valuable pool accessories – the pool thermometer.

Aside from knowing when to swim, pool thermometers can tell you if your pool heater is on the fritz. Pool thermometers cost around $8 to $20 bucks. They can either float in the pool or they can attach to a rope and hang on the side of the swimming pool.

*If you don't have the best eyesight make sure the thermometer you buy has some sort of magnifier on the numbers so you can read the results with no problems.

What is a diving board?

Board Basics

Be careful when using swimming pool accessories! Diving boards can make getting into the pool just as fun as swimming. Be warned, however, that before installing a board you should make sure your swimming pool is big enough to support one—a dive into shallow waters could cause serious injury. To avoid injuries, your pool needs to be a minimum size of 8 1/2 deep, 15 feet wide, and 28 ft long to have a diving board. To prevent further problems, it's a good idea to make sure that the diving board has a non-skid surface.

*If you want to take the spring out your step you can install a jump board. These boards are designed to be shorter to prevent running and built to be stationary to prevent jumping.


Don't Slip With Slides

If you aren't crazy about your kids running and jumping off a diving board a slide could be a fun alternative. Though, even though they won't be springing high up before they hit the water there are still dangers—they'll still be sliding pretty fast.

Make sure your pool meets slide safety guidelines when it comes to pool depth. A slide is a pretty large pool accessory so when it comes to installing one, remember to also take your pool deck size into account. If you don't think you'll have a room to accommodate a straight slide don't give up hope (just that design). Slides also come in curved shapes that take up way less deck space.

* Make sure that kids only go down a slide one at a time—this will help prevent unnecessary injuries.

What is a floating chlorinator?

Chlorinate And Decorate

Not everything that is designed to help with your pool's upkeep has to have a blah design. You can add your own artistic tastes to everything, especially pool accessories. Did you know that you can get swimming pool accessories that are both functional and decorative?

A floating chlorinator both cleans your pool and looks fabulous. It's simple to work:

• Add chlorine tablets to the inside of this device
• Place the device in the water
• Allow it to slowly disperse the chlorine through holes in the bottom

*The playful part is that the top of the floating chlorinator can be designed to look like flowers, frogs, or even a duck.

Why do you need a pool ladder?

Stepping Out

Most likely, the people swimming in your pool aren't gold medal gymnasts that can hoist themselves out of the deep end, do a triple flip in the air, and land with one hand. So, it might be a good idea to install pool ladders in the deep end.

A swimming pool ladder has three steps. Two of the steps start below the water to allow for an easy exit. For added support, there are two grab rails on either side of the pool ladder.

*To prevent problems, make sure the contractors install this pool accessory tight to prevent wobbling on both the ladder and the swimmer.

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