Swimming Pool Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you do research before buying your pool?

What is the benefit of using concrete for a swimming pool?

Why use finerglass for creating a swimming pool?

What is a swimming pool & spa?

What is an indoor pool?

What is the minimum pool size for doing laps?

Why is an inground pool better than an above ground pool?

Why do you need public permission to build a pool?

What is a filter?

How much does the average inground pool cost?

How can you keep kids from falling in an inground pool?

Why do you need a skimmer?

What are pool paints?

Where can you buy discount pool supplies?

Where is the best place to store pool supplies?

Why do you need a pool cover?

What is a pH test?

What happenes when you have too much chlorine in a swimming pool?

How do you shock a swimming pool?

What is bromine used for?

Whatdoes it mean when water is too hard or too soft?

Why shouldn't you mix pool chemicals?

Why do you need a poo thermometer?

What is a diving board?

What can swimming pool lights do?

Why do you need a pool ladder?

What is a floating chlorinator?

What is a surface skimmer?

How do you maintain a pool pump?

How do you maintain a pool heater?

How do you touch up fiberglass pools?

What do you need to do to prepare your pool for the winter?

How can trees harm pool equipment?

What is a swimming pool vacuum?

Wat does a swimming pool drain do?

How do you make sure your pump has enough power?

What is the best type of swimming pool drain cover?

How should you design your pool coping?

Wat does a swimming pool drain do?

Why don't you need a large pump?

Why do you need to check with the town about your pump?

What should you look for if the pump is not working?

Why do you need to check the pipes if something is wrong with the pump?

What's the best pump for a private pool?

Why are DE filters not good for private pools?

How can you tell if a filter is not working?

What size should your filter be?

How can you keep your filter from being overworked?

Why are gas heaters so great?

What are types of gas pool heaters?

Which is better gas or electric pool heaters?

How can you heat your pool for free?

What is the perfect amount of BTUs for a swimming pool heater?

Why should you deflate floats before putting them away?

What pool toys are great for child safety?

What should you do if a pool toy gets tossed out of the pool?

What's so great about the electrical pump?

What are good pool toys to get a child ready for the ocean?

What are great ways to educate children while teaching them to swim?

What's so great about an endless pool?

Why is an endless pool great for swimmers?

How do you save money buying an endless pool?

What does an endless pool let you do aside from swimming?

Why is it so easy to set up an endless pool?

Why are above ground pools perfect for people starting out?

What are the disadvantages of installing inground pools?

How can you make an above ground pool look llike an inground pool?

Why do you need to spend more time cleaning an above ground pool?

What do metal frames do for an above ground pool?

What can winter do to your pool cover?

Why can pool covers be a safety hazard?

How can you tell if a pool cover is safe?

What is so great about an automatic pool cover?

What features should spa or hot tub covers have?

What is the best way to find a pool company?

Why should you check a pool company's website?

Why are small pool supply companies better?

In what way is an above ground pool company better than an inground pool company?

What should you look at when signing a pool company contract?

How can you make your pool look amazing without spending a lot?

Why should you not get dark colors for your pool liner?

What should you remember to do if you order a swimming pool liner online?

How do you repair a pool liner?

What should you do if you see a bulge in the pool liner?

How deep should your pool be for water therapy to work?

What pool conditions are optimal for aqua physical therapy?

How can a swimming pool help you relieve stress?

What equipment is great for water exercises?

Why are flotation belts made in different sizes?

What are the best strokes to use if you're a beginner swimmer?

Why is an endless pool great for triathlon training?

Why do you need to wear goggles in a triathlon?

How many calories can you burn swimming?

What swimming strokes help work every muscle?

Why do you need someone to watch you when swimming?

What's the best way to learn how to cut down on resistance?

How does an endless pool help pro swimmer instructors?

Where can you find more information on swimming technique?

Why is seeing by example great for swimming?

How can I make the pool reopening process easy?

How can I remember to perform pool maintenance?

Do pool floats have practical uses?

How should I store pool toys?

What is the most cost-effective pool heater?

Do pool heaters malfunction at high altitudes?

What do I need to know about swimming pool down payments?

How should I choose a pool company?

What should I look for in a pool dealer?

How can I protect my pool walls against nicks and scratches?

Is there an alternative to chlorine for swimming pools?

Do I have to hire a company to maintain my pool?

Do adults need pool rules?

How can I keep my pool guests safe?

What pools safety supplies should I secure?

Why do I need a pool cleaner?

What do I need to know about pool liner thickness?

Do in-ground pool liners rip?

How can I spend less time taking care of my pool?

Should I buy a smaller pool heater to save money?

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