Concrete: A Solid Choice

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What is the benefit of using concrete for a swimming pool?

Concrete: A Solid Choice

Looking for swimming pool advice? Concrete is one of the oldest types of materials for building swimming pools. It is also long lasting. In fact, concrete pools constructed by the ancient Romans are still around today.

Aside from being durable, concrete can be designed and way you like. Concrete pools can be made into any shape you want (evidence of this can be seen in almost any celebrity backyard in Hollywood Hills). You can also decorate concrete swimming pools with ease by adding tiles, paints, pebbles and pretty much anything else.

There are two ways to create concrete pools. Poured and Guinite. Gunite pools are a mixture of concrete that is sprayed onto a frame. Guinite is more popular over poured concrete because it's an easier process, plus the end result is more durable.

*Although concrete pools will last for a while eventually they will need a bit of a facelift (usually after 7 to 10 years). So keep that in mind when factoring costs.



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