Supply Storage For Supplies

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Where is the best place to store pool supplies?

Supply Storage For Supplies

Pool supplies are necessary for the preservation of any swimming pool. Without certain supplies, your pool becomes as useful as a giant puddle. However, as much as these pool supplies can help they can also help make a mess. Your answer—build a cabana or pool house.

A cabana or pool house should be built near the pool so you can keep all the pool toys, chemicals, and cleaners out of the way but easily accessible. Plus, you can even use the cabana to house the filter so you can cut down on the noise factor. If you will be using the pool house as a storage facility for chemicals, make sure it is properly ventilated.

*When storing them in a cabana or pool house, make sure all of the chemicals make nice with each other. Put the wrong type of supplies together combined with a pinch of extreme heat and you could have a disaster on your hands!



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