A Major Cover Up

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Why do you need a pool cover?

A Major Cover Up

Need a guide to swimming pool supplies? Just like humans use blankets to keep warm, pools also need something similar known as the pool cover to stay cozy.

• The primary use for pool covers is to protect the pool from the harsh winter elements.
• Pool covers can also be used during to keep the pool from being ice cold for your morning swim
• Pool covers with solar panels can be great to keep pools warm
• If you don't have a fence, a sturdy cover can prevent children or animals from taking an unmonitored dip

If you do plan to use a pool cover, make sure you a way to keep the cover on that is sturdy, yet allows the pool to be accessed with ease. Usually pool supplies like sandbags, water filled bags or even straps are the best way to keep a cover covering the pool.



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