Basket Case

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What is a surface skimmer?

Basket Case

Looking for some swimming pool maintenance advice? None of us have the time or energy to hover over a pool and clean, 100% of the day—that's why pools are designed with surface skimmers. These vacuums built into the side of pool walls suck up debris through a flap (called a floating weir) right into a strainer basket. The clean water then gets circulated out. Though (like a teenager's room) over time, these baskets will collect a lot of junk. You need to empty the basket either once a week or right after a big storm blows a whole mess of stuff in the pool.

To empty the baskets just lift up the access hatch (located at the top of the surface skimmer), remove the strainer baskets, and empty the mess into the trash. Be warned, however, that sometimes small animals (frogs, mice, etc.) find their way into the pool and get sucked up by the skimmer—and sometimes they're still alive.



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