Pump Dump

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How do you maintain a pool pump?

Pump Dump

More swimming pool maintenance advice: Say you're a commuter and everyday you pay a toll to cross the bridge to work. Now, let's say that all of the tollbooths are shut down. You'd have wall-to-wall traffic! Cars wouldn't be able to go in or out. That's pretty much the same thing that would happen to your pool water if your pool pump didn't work.

A pool pump's job is to keep the water circulated (this is done so water can run through the filters and surface skimmers to constantly clean itself). A topnotch pump could circulate all the water in your pool in about 8 hours. Pool maintenance for a pump is much like a surface skimmer (the pump also collects debris in a strainer basket and you'll have to empty this basket regularly).

*While you are emptying the basket also check the pump parts to make sure they are all in working order. One broken part could shut down your pool's entire cleaning system.



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