If Things Don't Heat Up

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How do you maintain a pool heater?

If Things Don't Heat Up

There are lots of things we can get exactly how we want (pizzas, suits, cars, etc.).. Unfortunately, weather isn't one of them. You could have a summer that seems like autumn or a winter that seems like spring. So, if you want to stack the cards in your favor (come swim season) you might want to invest in a swimming pool heater.

Whether it's electric, gas, or even solar they all work pretty much the same way. A series of tubes connected to the machine combines heat with the water, getting the water between 78 and 82 degrees (which is perfect for swimming). When it comes to swimming pool maintenance the heater is at the bottom of the fixing up chain—they can pretty much go for a couple of years without pool maintenance. However, if you find the water isn't heating up as fast or not at all—that's when it's repair time. If you don't have a degree in “Heater Mechanics 101” the best thing to do is call in the pros.

*The problem that's most common with heaters is a calcium buildup that clogs the tubing. To unclog the tubes, clean them out with acid applied with a wire brush.



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