Cover All Your Bases

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Wat does a swimming pool drain do?

Cover All Your Bases

Kids (especially young toddlers) are not very aware of their surroundings—especially when it comes to areas where they don't spend much time, like pools. Even when you have safety pool equipment (like a daily pool cover) still might not be deterred from exploring. For this reason, you might want to invest in a pool alarm.

Pool alarms sound off when someone approaches the pool and can literally be a lifesaver. These alarms should be installed on all entrances leading to the pool—that way the alarm sounds before it is too late. A good noise level for this type of alarm is about 85 decibels (so it can be heard 10 ft. away). To prevent an unnecessary sound off a lot of these alarms are equipped with a temporary shutoff switch.

*Make sure the alarm makes a distinct noise and doesn't sound like any phone, appliance, or other alarms you own.



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