What's Great About Gas?

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Why are gas heaters so great?

What's Great About Gas?

Your pool and grill are a lot closer than you think. When it comes to cooking up burgers or making steaks sizzle most prefer gas over charcoal (primarily because of ease). At the end of the day all you need to do is turn off the tank and you're done, no worries about disposing of lava hot charcoal. The same thing that's good about the grill is also good for your pool!

Here's a quick tip about swimming pool heaters: Gas pool heaters are one of the more popular pool heaters on the market (this due to the fact that fuel cost is low). You can fill your gas heater up with propane or natural gas. Plus, gas heaters heat water up pretty fast because of they use a direct flame (not to mention they're a cinch to use).



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