Gas Goes With Any Size

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What are types of gas pool heaters?

Gas Goes With Any Size

When thinking about swimming pool heaters, keep size in mind. Size is an important factor when it comes to choosing clothes or footwear. Imagine wearing giant shoes if you have petite feet. You'd look like you'd be ready to step out of a mini-clown car and squirt seltzer. Size is also pretty important when choosing gas pool heaters (only the size doesn't have to do with the space of the heater, but actually the way the gas heater heats). You have 3 choices when choosing a heater:

• Convention method: This is when a large flame steadily heats a stream of slow moving water. This goes great with small pools or spas.

• Tank heaters: This uses a small flame to heat a larger volume of water. While it's pretty cost effective, it lacks power for colder climates.

• Coil or flash heaters: Can work on any size spa or pool. Basically, a large flame quickly heats up a coil, which heats up a small, fast moving stream of water. Although, this can heat up any size of water pretty fast it does burn up a lot of fuel.

*Make sure if you're thinking about choosing a gas heater that you also think about the size of your pool.



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