The Inground Illusion

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How can you make an above ground pool look llike an inground pool?

The Inground Illusion

Not every house is blessed with the perfect piece of flat, lush, green grass-filled property—the type of land that begs for an inground pool. In some cases a house might be built on a steep hill that's a higher level than the backyard itself. If you have your heart set on an inground pool but don't want to do a whole mess of digging and re-shifting, think above ground pool. Basically, to have an above ground pool, all you need to do is find a level area to set up (make sure it's reasonably close to the house).

*If the pool kit doesn't come with a deck, you may have to build one that leads out from the house that connects to the pool (the result—an inground illusion).



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