Keep Your Cover Covering

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What can winter do to your pool cover?

Keep Your Cover Covering

More pool cover advice: For certain areas of the country, winter can be one of the most frustrating season (you go to bed one night only to wake up to a blanket of white that you have to shovel through to leave the house, your car is so cold it won't start, not to mention all of the slipping and sliding on sidewalks). During these cold months, however, people often forget about something else that can be affected by the cold—their swimming pools.

Pools aren't usually in use during the winter so they can still feel the wrath of old man winter pretty hard. Here are some solutions to common winter pool problems:

• Problem: Winter winds can blow your pool cover all over
• Solution: Make sure your cover is anchored down with sandbags or water bags

• Problem: Wind, rain, and snow can gather on loose areas of a cover and weight it down
• Solution: Keep floating balls beneath the cover to keep the cover taut and prevent collection in sags



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