Above Advantage

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In what way is an above ground pool company better than an inground pool company?

Above Advantage

Choosing a swimming pool company: As far as the end result goes, inground pools do offer a number of advantages over above ground swimming pools. Though, when it comes to building the pool above ground takes the cake.

With an inground pool you are dependent on a third party to actually build the pool for you. Above ground pool companies are the exact opposite—all that company is responsible for is the kit to make the pool. An above ground pool kit is easy enough to assemble that you can pretty much take on the project yourself (and maybe a couple of friends if you spring for lunch).

*If something doesn't turn out right with an inground pool there can be a lot of trouble (assessing blame and getting money back). Most above ground pool companies, however, actually supply a warrantee with their pools so you don't have to worry.



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