Surface Savings

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How can you make your pool look amazing without spending a lot?

Surface Savings

Today, it gets harder and harder to spot the real thing. A $7 purse could be made to look like a $700 purse. Watches, jewelry, and even pools can be made to look like you spent a fortune (even though you spent just a fraction of that cost). A vinyl pool lining is one such way.

The process involved in putting in a vinyl liner is much easier than putting in concrete or even fiberglass. The inner pool structure itself is a combination of sand, metal frames and concrete. All you need to do id smooth the vinyl liner over the entire area, seal it, and you're done. The whole process is easy, cheap, and the final result can look like you spent a ton of dough.

*Keep in mind that vinyl offers the least resistance of any of the possible materials. Plus, after 20 yrs you will have to replace the entire surface (which could cost around 10 grand). That might not be the best option for the long-term pool owner.



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