Try Goggles Before The Triathlon

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Why do you need to wear goggles in a triathlon?

Try Goggles Before The Triathlon

A triathlon can really push anyone to the absolute physical limits. Aside from aching muscles, this event can be a pain on other body parts like the eyes. Thankfully triathletes are allowed to wear goggles (in the sea this is a must if you want to have any chance of seeing where you are going without getting a saltwater sting). If you are not used to wearing goggles the best time to start is during your triathlon training.

Get goggles prior to training and wear them in the pool (not only will it help you get used to them but you can also spend time adjusting them so they fit just right—a time luxury you can't afford in the race.

*If you wear glasses then everyday goggles won't help. You will need goggles with prescription lenses.



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