Swim By Example

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Why is seeing by example great for swimming?

Swim By Example

One of the best ways to learn anything is by watching. Seeing examples of somebody doing something the correct way is a great way for your brain to learn, process and eventually tell your body how to do it. If you're trying to learn the correct swimming technique, watching a pro swim meet can be effective.

More swimming tips: If you're going to watch a pro swim meet to learn techniques, don't go in person (it might be hard to get tickets to watch these top swimmers in action and, even if you're there, you probably won't have the best view). Thankfully, there's cable television. With hundreds of channels devoted to everything you should be able to catch a number of pro swim meets. And, thanks to camera technology advances, you'll get the best views possible.

*If you are able to catch an event on TV, record it (this way not only will you be able to see these swim strokes in action anytime you want, but you can also see it as slow or as fast as you want).



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