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How do you save money buying an endless pool?

Serious Savings For Serious Swimmers

Does the following scenario sound familiar?

• Swimming is your life
• You have no space in your yard for an inground pool
• Installing a personal pool big enough for laps would cost you big (at least 50 grand)
• The weather only guarantees maybe 5 months of fair to good swimming weather

Up until recently a gym membership would have been your only option. However, thanks to Endless Pools, you can experience endless swimming all year round at more than half the price of an indoor pool.

18 grand will buy a personal 8'x15' pool that can be placed in your home or office. Plus, since Endless Swimming Pools come in a kit you can put it together yourself and kiss those extra contractor costs goodbye.

Why is it so easy to set up an endless pool?

A Pool That Measures Up

If the shoe doesn't fit, well, you can't really wear it.

Buying any piece of furniture can always be a gamble. Sure, you made sure the couch would totally fit in the room, but did you think about how you would get it in there? After about 12 dings and scrapes you might realize that your perfect couch will need to be disassembled—this, of course, costs extra.

Endless Pools come in a kit. So your pool won't even be put together until it's in the room. Plus, you don't have to worry about making room for your pool since you can tell them what size to make it. You can have endless placement and sizing options with an endless swimming pool.

What's so great about an endless pool?

Endless Exercise

In the summer there's nothing better than exercising in a swimming pool. You can get an incredible cardio work, yet be sweat free when you exit the pool. Unfortunately, most people around the country don't get to experience this year round, because of the cold weather winter that blows into town. Sure, there are indoor pools at gyms (though, you usually have to wait to use them and they might not be the cleanest bodies of water).

Fortunately, now there is the “Endless Pool” alternative. It's sorta the same concept as the treadmill except instead of running in place, a current of water allows you to swim in place—in your very own personalized pool.

Why is an endless pool great for swimmers?

A Swimmer's New Best Friend

Off-season home training has been made possible for almost every type of athlete. Runners have their trusty treadmill. Bicyclists have stationary bikes. The only athlete that couldn't keep up with training at home was the swimmer—that is unless they extended the bathtub by a few hundred yards.

Now, while using endless pools, swimmers don't have to lose their winning edge. The currents in these personalized pools can be set for a variety of levels. So, you can get a great swimming workout (made perfect for a novice or a pro with a slight control adjustment).

What does an endless pool let you do aside from swimming?

Endless Pool Options

Have your cake and eat it too! Inground pools are great for swimming, but they are anything but compact and hot tubs are compact, but they are not ideal for swimming. So if you are looking for the best of both worlds Endless Pool is a great option.

An Endless Pool is small enough to fit anywhere. Plus, it offers a wide range of options. When using aquatic pools, besides swimming, you can have a chance to practice aqua therapy, water exercises, and even relaxation.

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