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What is the perfect amount of BTUs for a swimming pool heater?

BTU For You

You can do tons of research, but when it comes down to choosing the perfect size air conditioner for your apartment there isn't one cookie cutter answer. There's no magic formula. You can probably figure what's best based on the size of your room but other factors might make this assumption a bit of a gamble. It's a similar situation when you're buying a pool heater. Even down to the units (both are measured in BTUs—British Thermal Units).

Aside from volume and space, other factors make it hard to nail exact numbers. Things like what the weather will be like, average temperatures at night, and direct sunlight can all make an impact when choosing a pool heater. Your best bet is to talk to a contractor from your area—their educated guess would probably be a lot closer to what you really need.

How can you heat your pool for free?

The Best Things In Life Are Free

Mother Nature has provided lots of free gifts for us. Oxygen, water, and juicy food right off the tree are at our fingertips. Mother Nature can even add a little ray of sunshine when it comes to swimming pools.

The sun is the most powerful energy our planet uses. So, if you haven't designed your pool yet, here's some info that can help you get a pool heater for free: Make sure the pool itself isn't in the shade and that it has the full view of the sun—if the sun hits from a southern or southwestern point your pool should heat up nicely.

*Keep in mind that if you have any shade over it your pool won't heat up as fast. Also, days that are overcast will hinder heating.

Do pool heaters malfunction at high altitudes?

High Altitude Pool Heaters

Though most people wouldn't guess it, altitude can have a big influence on pool heater functioning. At altitudes of more than 2,000 feet, many types of pool heaters demonstrate decreased efficiency. Some may cease to function well altogether.
Fortunately, you're not stuck with a chilly pool just because you live in an elevated area. There are pool heaters designed specifically for use at higher altitudes, as well as those that can be converted for use at higher elevations. Discuss your options with a knowledgeable dealer if you live at an altitude of more than 2,000 feet.

What is the most cost-effective pool heater?

Save Energy with Pool Heaters

Many swimming pool owners find themselves searching for ways to make the operation of their pools more cost-effective. If you are hoping to do the same, start by considering ways to reduce the energy costs of heating your swimming pool. Installing a solar pool heater is one way to lower energy bills.
Solar pool heaters use the power of the sun to heat pool water. When compared with other swimming pool heaters, solar heaters cost less to operate on a yearly basis. Solar heaters are also more Earth-friendly. Furthermore, they tend to offer greater longevity in comparison to gas and heat-pump heaters.

Why are gas heaters so great?

What's Great About Gas?

Your pool and grill are a lot closer than you think. When it comes to cooking up burgers or making steaks sizzle most prefer gas over charcoal (primarily because of ease). At the end of the day all you need to do is turn off the tank and you're done, no worries about disposing of lava hot charcoal. The same thing that's good about the grill is also good for your pool!

Here's a quick tip about swimming pool heaters: Gas pool heaters are one of the more popular pool heaters on the market (this due to the fact that fuel cost is low). You can fill your gas heater up with propane or natural gas. Plus, gas heaters heat water up pretty fast because of they use a direct flame (not to mention they're a cinch to use).

Which is better gas or electric pool heaters?

Other Hot Heating Choices

Thanks to good ole Ben Franklin and his kite we have electricity in our lives. Electricity is the easy alternative to burning fuel. With the flick of a switch you can turn on more and more devices (like cars and even pool heaters).

Pool heaters work similar to an electric oven. The electricity heats a coil, which in turn heats up water. For the most part, these heaters are cheaper to buy than their gas counterparts. However, paying the electric bill is on average more expensive than filling up a propane tank. So, in the long run the gas heater will save you more money.

*If you're looking for heating speed, electricity doesn't match the firepower of gas.

What are types of gas pool heaters?

Gas Goes With Any Size

When thinking about swimming pool heaters, keep size in mind. Size is an important factor when it comes to choosing clothes or footwear. Imagine wearing giant shoes if you have petite feet. You'd look like you'd be ready to step out of a mini-clown car and squirt seltzer. Size is also pretty important when choosing gas pool heaters (only the size doesn't have to do with the space of the heater, but actually the way the gas heater heats). You have 3 choices when choosing a heater:

• Convention method: This is when a large flame steadily heats a stream of slow moving water. This goes great with small pools or spas.

• Tank heaters: This uses a small flame to heat a larger volume of water. While it's pretty cost effective, it lacks power for colder climates.

• Coil or flash heaters: Can work on any size spa or pool. Basically, a large flame quickly heats up a coil, which heats up a small, fast moving stream of water. Although, this can heat up any size of water pretty fast it does burn up a lot of fuel.

*Make sure if you're thinking about choosing a gas heater that you also think about the size of your pool.

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