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In what way is an above ground pool company better than an inground pool company?

Above Advantage

Choosing a swimming pool company: As far as the end result goes, inground pools do offer a number of advantages over above ground swimming pools. Though, when it comes to building the pool above ground takes the cake.

With an inground pool you are dependent on a third party to actually build the pool for you. Above ground pool companies are the exact opposite—all that company is responsible for is the kit to make the pool. An above ground pool kit is easy enough to assemble that you can pretty much take on the project yourself (and maybe a couple of friends if you spring for lunch).

*If something doesn't turn out right with an inground pool there can be a lot of trouble (assessing blame and getting money back). Most above ground pool companies, however, actually supply a warrantee with their pools so you don't have to worry.

Why should you check a pool company's website?

Surf For Swimming Pool Answers

Years back if you wanted to find out about a perspective company for hire you had quite a bit of detective work to do. You probably questioned friends and family associated with the company, searched through books that listed that company, looked through the yellow pages, and checked out local paper clippings. Today all of that ends with a click of the mouse.

Most reputable swimming pool companies (like Endless Pools) have their very own website. On the site, you can view past projects, read references, send away for more information, or even talk to a rep. However, if you'd also like to surf for a more objective opinion, type typing a company name into one of the search engines—if the company is big enough, chances are you will see other sites or message boards that review or offer comments about the company.

Why are small pool supply companies better?

Smaller Might Be Better

Today, everywhere you look there's a giant super store that offers everything you need under one roof. From cat toys to tires, these places have it all—even swimming pool supplies. Though, the one thing missing from most of these big stores is expert advice.

Sure, some of the bigger departments might hire a knowledgeable staff, however, since pool supplies isn't their specialty, you're not likely to find an expert. Local swimming pool supply companies are your best bet. Since the whole store is just pool supplies you're guaranteed to find what you need. You will also probably be able to talk to knowledgeable sales people about any pool problems.

*Local swimming pool supply companies likely know the area and can be a good source for recommending pool builders.

What should you look at when signing a pool company contract?

Contractor Contracts

You need to be careful when choosing a swimming pool company. When you buy anything that is a large investment (like a house) you usually take every precaution:

• Get a lawyer to look over the paperwork
• Make sure everything is clear with the bank
• Hire an inspector to make sure everything is right with the house

Building an inground pool should be no different (as far as doing things by the book). For starters, if you're looking to save a couple of bucks—bid out the job to at least 3 contractors to get the best deal.

When it comes time to set up the contract, make sure you get everything in writing. Make sure you read everything you sign. If there are things you don't understand don't be afraid to bring it to a lawyer. Last, you might want to question any contractor that requests an extremely large down payment before getting down to business.

What is the best way to find a pool company?

Contacting Contractors

Building an inground swimming pool is a huge undertaking (it's something that not only costs a lot of cash, but also takes a lot of time). The last thing you want is some swimming pool company to dig a big hole in your yard then take off half way through construction with all of your money.

The best place to start looking for contractors would be through close friends. Since you already trust their judgment, chances are you'll trust their contractor too. If you are in a situation where you are working with a contractor that you did not get through someone you know, request references from them. Don't be afraid to call them.

*It is also smart to give the Better Business Bureau a ring.

How should I choose a pool company?

Your Gut Reaction

Though it may not be very scientific, your gut reaction is important when choosing a swimming pool company. Make a list of companies you are considering for the purchase of your pool and call each one for information. Notice how quickly the phone is answered and whether or not the reception is friendly. Ask questions about the services available and notice whether or not your questions are clearly and patiently answered. If the person you speak with acts annoyed or leaves you to languish on hold, you may do well to cross that company off your list.
Don't rely on telephone rapport alone when choosing a pool company. Ask to see examples of the company's completed pools. Pay attention to how the staff treats you during your visit to the showroom. If the staff gives you a bad feeling, move on to a different company.

What do I need to know about swimming pool down payments?

Beware of Inflated Deposits

Beware of swimming pool companies that require abnormally large deposits. Call around to other pool companies and compare down-payment amounts and requirements. Though a certain amount of variation is expected, a very large difference can be a red flag. Some states even place a cap on deposit amounts, limiting them to no more that 10 percent of the total sales price. Check to see if such caps exist in your state.
Be sure you understand all payment and deposit requirements before you close the purchase. Get everything in writing. Doing so can help you to avoid unwelcome and costly surprises later.

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