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What are pool paints?

A Splash Of Color & Protection

Concrete or plain plaster pools can be a bit harsh on toes and knees as well as the eyes. So, if you're looking for a “do-it-yourself” solution, pick up a canister of pool paints.

These pool supplies come in varieties like water based, rubber based, and epoxy. Aside from cutting down on the “boo boo” factor, these paints also add years to your pool. The coating protects your pool from the sun's UV rays, outdoor elements, as well as the pool water itself.

*Before you buy ask a pool professional which type of paint would work best with your swimming pool surface.

Why do you need a skimmer?

Don't Skimp On A Skimmer

A skimmer might seem like an oversize badminton racket that's good for nothing except catching the stray float or chasing away a duck but don't underestimate it! A skimmer is actually a valuable member of the pool supplies family that could save you some extra maintenance bucks in the long run.

Too many leaves in the pool could create problems with the water (which would force you to add more chlorine or other chemicals). Leaves left behind can also cause damage to the filters, and even the vacuum. This, of course, means more maintenance money spent.

What pools safety supplies should I secure?

Keep Safe in Your Pool

You might think in terms of ladders, cleaners, and nets when considering the pool supplies you need. However, safety supplies are just as important. Too many children drown in pools each year and even experienced adult swimmers are not immune to this risk. To be prepared, every pool owner should have basic pool-safety supplies on hand.
Your collection of life-saving pool equipment should include a long pole that is at least 12 feet long. This pole should have blunt ends and be strong, yet lightweight. You should also have a throwing rope that is equal to one and a half times the length of the pool or 50 feet. Attach the rope securely to a ring buoy. The ring buoy should be at least 15 inches in diameter. Alternatively, you could use a similar flotation device.

Why do you need a pool cover?

A Major Cover Up

Need a guide to swimming pool supplies? Just like humans use blankets to keep warm, pools also need something similar known as the pool cover to stay cozy.

• The primary use for pool covers is to protect the pool from the harsh winter elements.
• Pool covers can also be used during to keep the pool from being ice cold for your morning swim
• Pool covers with solar panels can be great to keep pools warm
• If you don't have a fence, a sturdy cover can prevent children or animals from taking an unmonitored dip

If you do plan to use a pool cover, make sure you a way to keep the cover on that is sturdy, yet allows the pool to be accessed with ease. Usually pool supplies like sandbags, water filled bags or even straps are the best way to keep a cover covering the pool.

Where can you buy discount pool supplies?

Pay Less For Pool Stuff

At the end of the day, pool supplies are being used for a pool. It's not like medicine for a human being (going cheap in that situation could cause serious problems). Going cheap and buying discount pool supplies, however, won't have the same serious repercussions.

Guide to swimming pool supplies: Before grabbing the cheapest thing in sight, keep in mind that's it's not usually a good idea to consider going with bottom of the barrel brands on every pool item. Less quality pool chemicals or equipment could cause pool problems that could cost you more in the long run.

If you want to go low, but not low quality, try surfing the net. Since internet pool supply sites have no overhead store costs, they can offer supplies at a discount and you can buy high quality pool stuff at low prices.

Where is the best place to store pool supplies?

Supply Storage For Supplies

Pool supplies are necessary for the preservation of any swimming pool. Without certain supplies, your pool becomes as useful as a giant puddle. However, as much as these pool supplies can help they can also help make a mess. Your answer—build a cabana or pool house.

A cabana or pool house should be built near the pool so you can keep all the pool toys, chemicals, and cleaners out of the way but easily accessible. Plus, you can even use the cabana to house the filter so you can cut down on the noise factor. If you will be using the pool house as a storage facility for chemicals, make sure it is properly ventilated.

*When storing them in a cabana or pool house, make sure all of the chemicals make nice with each other. Put the wrong type of supplies together combined with a pinch of extreme heat and you could have a disaster on your hands!

Why do I need a pool cleaner?

Choose the Right Cleaner

One of the things you'll need for your pool is a pool cleaner. You'll need to keep your pool clean to prevent the development of health hazards. A clean pool also looks better and is much more inviting.
Consider the type of pool you have before purchasing a pool cleaner. If you have an above ground pool, you'll find that you have many choices. On the other hand, many in-ground pools are best when used with specific cleaners. Your swimming pool dealer should be able to help you to make the right decision.

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