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What are the disadvantages of installing inground pools?

No Permit For Not Permanent

Grrrrr. RRRRR. Brrrrrr. If you are installing an inground pool, machines might be making these lovely sounds for quite some time in your yard. Aside from the noise, prepare yourself to say goodbye to most of your grass, trees and plants. You'll also be on a first name basis with the town government making sure you have the correct pool permits.

More quick above ground pool advice: If getting involved with all of this seems like too much of a hassle, go for an above ground pool. Not only can you avoid tricky permits, but you can also avoid expensive construction crews. Today, most of the above ground pool kits available are easy enough to assemble that you can put them together on your own.

Why are above ground pools perfect for people starting out?

Pool To Go

Houses are a huge investment. Buying the place of your dreams could cost you a huge chunk of change. For this reason, many new families starting out buy what's called a starter house (a cheaper place that is relatively small). Eventually as the family grows, however, so does their next house. If you know you'll be moving before long but you're itching to have a pool—consider an above ground pool. These pools are great for many reasons, including:

• They are cheaper than an inground swimming pool

• They are easy to set up

• Most above ground pools come as kits (you can pack it up and take it with you)

Why do you need to spend more time cleaning an above ground pool?

Clean Up On An Above Ground

Sure, you don't have to pay a lot when it comes to setting up an above ground pool, but you might have to pay the price when it comes to cleaning it. Unfortunately, the walls of most above ground pool kits are a bit too thin to accommodate some cleaning tools.

Internal surface skimmers can damage above ground pool walls but you can install external surface skimmers—these work just like the internal skimmers only they are built to hang off the wall or inside the pool. The problem with these skimmers, however, is that because these skimmers are not totally flush with the pool, they won't collect as much debris. This means that skimming it daily with a hand skimmer is your cost for a crystal clear pool.

*On a positive note, skimming can be considered exercise.

How can you make an above ground pool look llike an inground pool?

The Inground Illusion

Not every house is blessed with the perfect piece of flat, lush, green grass-filled property—the type of land that begs for an inground pool. In some cases a house might be built on a steep hill that's a higher level than the backyard itself. If you have your heart set on an inground pool but don't want to do a whole mess of digging and re-shifting, think above ground pool. Basically, to have an above ground pool, all you need to do is find a level area to set up (make sure it's reasonably close to the house).

*If the pool kit doesn't come with a deck, you may have to build one that leads out from the house that connects to the pool (the result—an inground illusion).

What should I look for in a pool dealer?

Look for a Guarantee

An above ground swimming pool is a large purchase. As such, it is wise to look for a pool dealer willing to offer a guarantee on the life of the pool you purchase. You don't want to toss your money away on a pool that doesn't last or fails to function as expected. Also, be sure to ask about the level of help the pool dealer provides in the event of problems.
Make certain the pool dealer you choose provides you with clear, detailed installation instructions. Doing so can help you to avoid many hours of frustration. Also, learn in advance the types of tools necessary for installing your pool and what accessories are required. Before finalizing your purchase, find out what accessories are included, as well as the cost of any that are not included.

What do metal frames do for an above ground pool?

Above Ground Bottoms

Looking for some above ground pool advice? When you were little, you were probably told to follow directions on a regular basis—times haven't changed. Above ground pools are tricky and you have to pay attention to the instructions carefully. There are a lot of universal similarities with all of the models.

One feature you will find in all above ground swimming pools is the bottom rail (this is a metal frame that outlines the bottom of the pool). These metal frames also hold pool walls in place.

*Keep in mind, round pools can support themselves. However, oval pools will need additional outer support to prevent a cave in when the pool is full.

How can I protect my pool walls against nicks and scratches?

Line Your Pool

Above ground swimming pool walls can be vulnerable to nicks and scratches. To protect your investment, obtain a vinyl pool liner. These liners can help your pool survive the abuse of normal usage and ensure your ability to take a dip for some time to come. Furthermore, they can add a classy, finished look to your above ground pool.
Go for a stylish pool liner! They are available to fit every pool shape, in a wide variety of colors and styles. You can choose from beaded, J-hook, and overlap liners. With so many choices, you can really let your personal style shine through, choosing from among a selection ranging from the purely functional to those that are simply elegant.

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