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Do pool floats have practical uses?

Pool Toys Are Fun and Practical

Pool floats can be useful for more than just fun. Pool floats can help your child get used to enjoying a larger body of water than the bathtub, while allowing him or her to stay afloat without being held. Pool floats allow you to have fun with your child, while simultaneously affording an extra measure of safety.
There are many colorful pool flotation devices that are practically guaranteed to make pool time fun for both you and you child. Keep in mind, however, that pool floats don't guarantee safety. As such, it is important to keep your eyes on your child the entire time he or she is in or near the water.

What are good pool toys to get a child ready for the ocean?

Deep Sea Prep In A Pool

Want to learn about pool toys? Most of the toys you'll find in a baby's playpen, crib, or play area are designed to prepare them for the real world. You might find, funny sounding phone, a plastic oven, musical instruments, and even oversized keys. Pool toys can also prepare kids for the real aquatic world—the ocean.

Snorkels, fins, and masks are all great to use for the first time in a pool instead of a beach. The environment in a pool is much more controlled than the ocean. In a pool you can stand up if worse comes to worse and you won't get saltwater in your eyes (these are luxuries you won't have in the middle of the ocean). Professional diving instructors know this advantage all too well. That's why they begin their first scuba lesson in a swimming pool.

*If you know you are going on a family beach vacation, it might be a good idea to invest in some of those swimming pool toys first to help prepare your kids for the real thing.

What are great ways to educate children while teaching them to swim?

Kidding Around

Have little ones that are learning to swim? Build their brains while building their swim skills:

• For a change of pace on a race game, have kids do a math problem to figure out the number of laps they need to do (for example, say: “Do 6 divided by 2 laps.”).

• Do your kids like diving games? Use colorful weighted pool toys. Throw them all in the pool all at once. Then, ask them to grab a certain color first.

What should you do if a pool toy gets tossed out of the pool?

Out Of Bounds Etiquette

It never fails—you're playing some sort of game with a ball in the pool (volleyball, basketball, etc.), someone gets a little over anxious and launches the ball way out of bounds (out of the pool). Normally, the rule is that the person who did the deed should take the walk. However, walking is usually never the case. Kids, especially, will most likely sprint out of the pool and back again with the ball (sometimes diving back in). This unfortunately can be a safety hazard for number reasons:

• While running, kids could slip and hit their heads on the deck

• Diving or jumping back into the shallow end could do a number on their spine

• If a child isn't careful on the return jump back into the pool they could accidentally hit someone in mid-flight

* Set strict rules about running—forbid it. If a child disobeys, punish him or her by forbidding the use of the pool for a set period of time. Be stern and stick to your punishments and you'll see results.

Why should you deflate floats before putting them away?

Flatten Your Floats

Quick, how do you get 100 balloons in one tiny bag? You don't blow ‘em up. Pretty obvious, right? Yet millions of Americans ignore this fact when storing pool toys in a pool shed and senselessly kill causing blowup raft and innertube fatalities.

All joking aside, the easiest ways to store floats are to deflate them after the summer is over. You will take up less space this way, things will be more organized, and you won't run the risk of popping any of your favorite floats.

How should I store pool toys?

Store Pool Toys Safely

Children are naturally attracted to colorful, interesting toys and pool toys are no exception. As such, it is important to keep pool toys and flotation devices out of the pool when they are not in use. Pool toys can attract children to the water in the hopes of enjoying playtime, even if there is no adult readily available to provide supervision. This could put them at risk for drowning. Pool toys should be removed from the pool deck as well. Left around, they create tripping and slipping hazards for children and adults alike.
To keep pool toys out of the way and loved ones out of danger, purchase a couple of storage bins. If you're concerned that storage bins will take up too much of your deck space, use decorative netting to keep your deck areas free from clutter and your pool toys handy.

What's so great about the electrical pump?

You Don't Need To Be Full Of Hot Air

The TV remote has to be one of the greatest inventions of the modern era. It has made it easy to relax on a couch and zip through hundreds of channels with ease. Preventing a strain of a muscle trying to change the television dial (for those who remember what a dial actually is). Another invention that has had a similar impact on our outdoor lives is the electrical pump.

The marvel that is the electrical pump can run on batteries or plug into a car lighters and outlets. Its main purpose is to give your lungs a rest. With just a flick of a switch you can blow up a whole arsenal of inflatable pool toys and not break a sweat. Though, since they do blow toys up pretty fast with an unlimited air supply, keep an eye on the float. Make sure you stop the machine before it blows up your blow up pool toy.

*These inflators come with a variety of adaptors that fit into all types of air openings. Since they are small, they could be lost pretty easy so store them in a small container attached to the pump.

What pool toys are great for child safety?

Water Wings

Some pool toys (like those floating recliners) are great for relaxing and pool toys like volleyball or basketball are great for fun. Though, some pool toys can actually be used for child safety.

More pool toy advice: one of the most popular safety pool toys is known as water wings. Water wings are two mini floats filled with air that fit snuggly around your child's arms. They are perfect for any little ones that don't have a lot of swimming experience. Some kids might complain that water wings are too tight or might even be embarrassed to wear them because “the big kids don't”.

*To help with this problem tell the child they can choose their own pair of water wings with their favorite cartoon character printed right on them.

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