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What's the best way to learn how to cut down on resistance?

Resist Resistance

Say two people are running a race and one person has to pull a giant boulder. Who do you think will win? The point might be obvious here, but not crystal clear in the pool.

Helpful swimming tips: One of the biggest problems a beginning swimmer has is dealing with resistance. When swimming, if you position yourself in an awkward way you could be creating more resistance and spending way more energy than you need to.

*If you don't have an instructor, look at the Internet or a book that talks about the best positioning for every swimming position.

How does an endless pool help pro swimmer instructors?

Endless Analyzing

All eyes on you! A competitive swimmer is constantly evaluating their strokes—finding weaknesses and correcting them. If you have a swimming instructor they will also be evaluating you. Unfortunately, when walking back and forth in a pool (that others might be using) it might be hard to analyze a swimmer.

In comparison, the endless personal pool keeps the swimmer in one place so it's easy to monitor swimming technique. And, since it's made for only one person, you don't have to worry about others obstructing an instructor's view.

Why do you need someone to watch you when swimming?

Swim Safe

You could be the strongest swimmer on the planet and it would still be foolish to swim alone. Even though a pool is a way more controlled environment than an ocean you are still in water that is deep. Accidents can happen. When they do you'll be thankful someone is around to help or call for help.

*When children are going for a swim (even in a group) it's a good idea to have an adult present and watching.

Why is seeing by example great for swimming?

Swim By Example

One of the best ways to learn anything is by watching. Seeing examples of somebody doing something the correct way is a great way for your brain to learn, process and eventually tell your body how to do it. If you're trying to learn the correct swimming technique, watching a pro swim meet can be effective.

More swimming tips: If you're going to watch a pro swim meet to learn techniques, don't go in person (it might be hard to get tickets to watch these top swimmers in action and, even if you're there, you probably won't have the best view). Thankfully, there's cable television. With hundreds of channels devoted to everything you should be able to catch a number of pro swim meets. And, thanks to camera technology advances, you'll get the best views possible.

*If you are able to catch an event on TV, record it (this way not only will you be able to see these swim strokes in action anytime you want, but you can also see it as slow or as fast as you want).

Where can you find more information on swimming technique?

Use Tech For Technique

There's so much information available that you could swim in it! The media offers us all kinds of information on topics ranging from building a birdhouse to writing a novel. It's especially easy to find information on a topic as popular as swimming strokes.

The Internet features all kinds of sites that offer a multitude of information for individuals from coaches to pro swimmers—dive right in. There are also magazines devoted to swimming and software programs that you can use to program specific information about yourself and get customized swim stroke information.

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