Thicker Is Better

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What do I need to know about pool liner thickness?

Thicker Is Better

When it comes to above-ground pool liners, less is not more. Above-ground pool liners come in several different levels of thickness. Thicker pool liners are more durable and may last longer. Pool liner thickness is listed as "gauge" or "mil." Both terms mean the same thing. Most new above-ground pools come with 20-guage liners, but they go up to about 30-gauge. For the best pool protection and the greatest longevity, purchase the thickest liner you can afford.
Often, new pools are sold with plain blue liners. Sure, these liners are functional, but many long for something more jazzy. Take your time and browse through the wide variety of pool liners available both online and in brick-and-mortar pool stores. You'll find many attractive styles to suit your unique tastes.



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