Pools That Provide More

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What is a swimming pool & spa?

Pools That Provide More

No one has the key to everlasting youth and no one has the key to exercise without pain. For these reasons, swim spas have become pretty popular with people. A Swim Spa Pool is a swimming pool and spa divided into two areas—one part is for regular swimming and the other part is a spa section usually comprised of a seating area and jets built right in the pool. The jets in the spa section spray a high power stream of water (perfect for relieving tension in the back or other aching joints). In most swim spas, jet power and even water temperature can be controlled in some cases.

*If you intend to add a spa portion to your pool you might want to consult a health professional (like a physical therapist). Not only can they recommend quality equipment, but they can also tell you the proper way to use your spa.



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