Balancing Act

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What is a pH test?

Balancing Act

Want to learn about swimming pool chemicals? You'll know if a pool isn't chemically right before you even nail your first cannonball. If the swimming pool walls look deteriorated or the water is cloudy, you could have yourself a pool problem. Using a pH test is a bit more accurate, however, than eyeballing your pool's status.

A pH test measures the acid-alkalinity balance in the pool (this is done by taking a sample of water and adding pool chemicals to it). You compare the sample to a chart that ranges from 0 to 14 (each number represents a shade of color). The best reading you can get is somewhere in the middle like a 7.2 or 7.8.

*Other than this “mad scientist” method of adding chemicals to pool water, you can also use pH strips. These are strips of paper that you just dip in the pool. Then, you compare its color on a similar chart—easy, and no mess.



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