Hard & Soft Facts Of Water

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Whatdoes it mean when water is too hard or too soft?

Hard & Soft Facts Of Water

Water—you probably don't give it a second thought when you guzzle it down or use it on your plants. However, when H2O is in your pool you really need to take a closer look at its characteristics. See how much minerals (like calcium) your water contains (pool chemical pros will sometimes refer to this as seeing if water is too hard or too soft):

• Too hard means too many minerals—this will make the water cloudy
• Too soft means a lack of minerals—this could actually cause damage to the plaster in concrete pools

If your current tester doesn't test water characteristics, you should buy one that's more advanced. And, if you're worried you won't read it right, you could always bring a sample of your water to your local pool store for testing.



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