Don't Mix It Up

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Why shouldn't you mix pool chemicals?

Don't Mix It Up

People like to find shortcuts to do things (like presetting a coffeemaker to make a fresh pot right when you wake up or finding the shortest back road route to work so you don't have to suffer with traffic on the highway). In most cases, shortcuts can really be a big help. However, you shouldn't use “shortcut” plans when dealing with pool chemicals.

If you know you have to add chlorine and a number of other chemicals, do it exactly as the instructions instruct—one at a time. Don't even think about mixing up a batch of every chemical you need before placing it in the pool just so you can save time doing everything at once. Mixing chemicals before they hit the pool water could cause chemicals to have bad reactions with each other. This could have an incredibly bad reaction with your pool.

*In the long run, shortcuts with pool chemicals could cause you lots of pool problems.



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