Self -Cleaning Solutions

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What is a swimming pool vacuum?

Self -Cleaning Solutions

More swimming pool equipment help: Vacuuming—you can't escape from doing it in your home so why would your pool be any different? A pool vacuum is probably one of the most valuable pieces of swimming pool equipment when it comes to keeping a pool in tiptop shape. For this reason, you should go down the quality route to ensure your pool water quality.

To get a pool vacuum to work, you usually need to connect the device to the intake valve in the skimmer basket. You pretty much have 2 choices when it comes to pool vacuum types:

• Manual—pretty much works like the manual vacuum you have stuffed in the hall closet
• Automatic (or robotic cleaner)—cleans the pool bottom all by itself

*Just like a regular vacuum you should empty the bag or container attached to it after it fills up with dirt.



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