Pump Power

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How do you make sure your pump has enough power?

Pump Power

The pump is the muscle behind the pool. It keeps the water moving so it can constantly be cleaned. Most pumps run on electricity so they can keep running. However, how much power the pump has depends on where you place it.

Putting the pump closer will give it more juice. Place a pump up to 40- 60 ft. away and that power will fade. Keep this pump power point in mind when you are deciding where to place the pool equipment.



7/10/2006 7:28:33 PM
poolnerd said:

Simply put, pumps move water: don't be mislead by horsepower ratings. For example a one-horsepower pump on a system with 1.5-inch pipes and a small filter could well be moving half the volume of water in the same time as the same pump on a system with 2- or 2.5-inch pipes and a large filter.
Sure, long pipe runs are often not desirable, but, if they are necessary, the desired output can be obtained with proper hydraulic design (i.e., pump, filter, pipe fittings, etc. working as a system). It ain't rocket science, but it is a little technical. If your salesman or contractor can't figure it out or explain it, find someone who can. A well-designed system will cost less to operate, run more quietly, and have lower long-term repair costs.


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