The Filter That Fits

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What's the best pump for a private pool?

The Filter That Fits

More swimming pool filter advice: Say you need mayo for one sandwich, it probably wouldn't make sense to get it in an institutional size drum (the kind they use to feed schools and armies). It's the same when searching for pool equipment. Think in terms of public vs. private. The swimming pool equipment that works with droves of swimmers probably is overkill for your family. This is true when buying pool filters.

Sand and D.E. filters have a high-grade filter feature that can clean out gallons of water, making them perfect for public pools. For personal pools, however, think cartridge filters. They use material to filter out the water. This type of filter process is not as effective as the other filters but it's not a big deal since you have hundreds less people using your pool.

Cartridge filters work better when it comes to cleaning. Since it uses material, all you need to do is replace it every few years. In comparison, Sand & D.E. filters need backwashing (this entails flowing around 500 gallons of water through the filter).Again, because public places have the money and the manpower they can handle this process with no problems.



7/27/2009 9:02:57 PM
M said:

Telling homeowners all you need to do is replace your cartridge ever few years is not only bad advice, it is setting your homeowner up for failure. Cartridges need to be sprayed off a couple of times a month (minimum) in order to maintain good filtration of the pool.


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