Go Large For Longer Lasting

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What size should your filter be?

Go Large For Longer Lasting

It happens every time you walk into a restaurant when you're hungry—your eyes are bigger than your belly. You go for a large platter of this, an extra side order of that and, of course, you end up with an extra large doggy bag. When it comes to pool filters people think the opposite. Whether they're trying to save space or money they might go for a smaller model. In the long run this might not actually be a wise decision.

Once more dirt gets into your system it has to use more energy to clean it. A smaller filter might not be able to handle all of the dirt and may need to be cleaned out more often than you would like. To avoid this from happening, don't go with the recommended regular size filter, super-size it a bit. Make sure it has a bigger cleaning area or a more powerful cleaning system so it can clean longer for you.



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