Out Of Bounds Etiquette

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What should you do if a pool toy gets tossed out of the pool?

Out Of Bounds Etiquette

It never fails—you're playing some sort of game with a ball in the pool (volleyball, basketball, etc.), someone gets a little over anxious and launches the ball way out of bounds (out of the pool). Normally, the rule is that the person who did the deed should take the walk. However, walking is usually never the case. Kids, especially, will most likely sprint out of the pool and back again with the ball (sometimes diving back in). This unfortunately can be a safety hazard for number reasons:

• While running, kids could slip and hit their heads on the deck

• Diving or jumping back into the shallow end could do a number on their spine

• If a child isn't careful on the return jump back into the pool they could accidentally hit someone in mid-flight

* Set strict rules about running—forbid it. If a child disobeys, punish him or her by forbidding the use of the pool for a set period of time. Be stern and stick to your punishments and you'll see results.



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