You Don't Need To Be Full Of Hot Air

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What's so great about the electrical pump?

You Don't Need To Be Full Of Hot Air

The TV remote has to be one of the greatest inventions of the modern era. It has made it easy to relax on a couch and zip through hundreds of channels with ease. Preventing a strain of a muscle trying to change the television dial (for those who remember what a dial actually is). Another invention that has had a similar impact on our outdoor lives is the electrical pump.

The marvel that is the electrical pump can run on batteries or plug into a car lighters and outlets. Its main purpose is to give your lungs a rest. With just a flick of a switch you can blow up a whole arsenal of inflatable pool toys and not break a sweat. Though, since they do blow toys up pretty fast with an unlimited air supply, keep an eye on the float. Make sure you stop the machine before it blows up your blow up pool toy.

*These inflators come with a variety of adaptors that fit into all types of air openings. Since they are small, they could be lost pretty easy so store them in a small container attached to the pump.



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