Deep Sea Prep In A Pool

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What are good pool toys to get a child ready for the ocean?

Deep Sea Prep In A Pool

Want to learn about pool toys? Most of the toys you'll find in a baby's playpen, crib, or play area are designed to prepare them for the real world. You might find, funny sounding phone, a plastic oven, musical instruments, and even oversized keys. Pool toys can also prepare kids for the real aquatic world—the ocean.

Snorkels, fins, and masks are all great to use for the first time in a pool instead of a beach. The environment in a pool is much more controlled than the ocean. In a pool you can stand up if worse comes to worse and you won't get saltwater in your eyes (these are luxuries you won't have in the middle of the ocean). Professional diving instructors know this advantage all too well. That's why they begin their first scuba lesson in a swimming pool.

*If you know you are going on a family beach vacation, it might be a good idea to invest in some of those swimming pool toys first to help prepare your kids for the real thing.



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