Clean Up On An Above Ground

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Why do you need to spend more time cleaning an above ground pool?

Clean Up On An Above Ground

Sure, you don't have to pay a lot when it comes to setting up an above ground pool, but you might have to pay the price when it comes to cleaning it. Unfortunately, the walls of most above ground pool kits are a bit too thin to accommodate some cleaning tools.

Internal surface skimmers can damage above ground pool walls but you can install external surface skimmers—these work just like the internal skimmers only they are built to hang off the wall or inside the pool. The problem with these skimmers, however, is that because these skimmers are not totally flush with the pool, they won't collect as much debris. This means that skimming it daily with a hand skimmer is your cost for a crystal clear pool.

*On a positive note, skimming can be considered exercise.



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