Repairing Rips

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How do you repair a pool liner?

Repairing Rips

If you rip your jeans and the tear is small, chances are you'll keep them. In some cases, a well-placed tear could make a fashion statement. However, there's no such thing as a well-placed tear in a swimming pool liner—you'll want to fix that rip.

While you wouldn't want to leave a rip alone on a swimming pool liner you still don't need to scrap it. If a tear is about 3 inches it is ok to patch it up. Anything over that size, however, will probably require you replace the entire liner. To patch up a liner tear, follow these steps:

• Sand down the ripped area
• Apply solvent cement to the area and on the patch
• Wait for the cement to become tacky
• Place the patch on the spot

*Since pool liner rips and tears are not uncommon, it would be a good idea to get an extra pool liner of the pattern you choose, so you can use them it to make patches.



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