Battle With The Bulge

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What should you do if you see a bulge in the pool liner?

Battle With The Bulge

Most car owners have a pretty close relationship with their vehicles since they are in them quite a bit (sometimes all day). The more time you spend in your car, the more in-tune you are with it. You are more likely to know when everything is working right and when something is wrong. Since people don't spend 24/7 in their pools they probably aren't as educated to all of the problems that could go wrong with them (plus, they might not know how serious these problems are). However, the places in your pool you should make an effort to pay attention to are the walls.

Pool walls can be a big predictor of problems to come. If there is a discoloration in the pool liner, it could have to do with the amount of chemicals you use. However, probably the most serious problem that needs immediate action is bulges. If you find your pool liner or fiberglass wall is bulging out it could be a problem with the drainage system or the structure. A small area might not be too much of a cause for alarm, however, if the area is larger than 2 feet it could mean that you have to excavate or replace your pool. In any case, call a pool repairmen!



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