The Wet Workout

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How deep should your pool be for water therapy to work?

The Wet Workout

Gym, schmym! For most, a gym is a source for aerobic workout and physical therapy—though the gym can also be a sore spot at times:

• There can be lines for the machines
• There can be a limited selection of machines
• People don't always clean the equipment after using it
• You can never get aerobics classes at a time that's right for you
• Annual fees

In all of these cases your pool can be the answer to your problems. Don't look to the gym for exercise—look to your pool for aquatic physical therapy instead. You can use a floating belt for water therapy exercises (like jogging in place or stretching). Your pool can provide a great workout!

*For the right workout you need to have enough room to tread water without scraping your feet on the bottom. 5 to 6 feet is optimal.



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