Free Pain In The Pool

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What pool conditions are optimal for aqua physical therapy?

Free Pain In The Pool

Pools can help you relax, get a workout, and even have fun. A growing number of people are also using pools to ease pain. Today, instead of going to a gym, physical therapy patients use the pool for aqua therapy. The advantages are that you can still get the same workout as you would in the gym but, because you are in the pool, you are putting less pressure on your joints.

You can pretty much use any pool for aqua physical therapy. For optimal pools results, however, the pool should be 92 degrees (perfect to ease the pain of conditions like arthritis). Also, because most of the exercises are not too strenuous (as compared to cardio) the pool area should only be about 2 1/2ft to 4 1/2ft deep. Usually, for aqua therapy sessions, you would need to go to a rehab pool at a clinic or hospital. However, today companies like Endless Pools actually make versions of these pools you can use in your very own home.



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