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How can a swimming pool help you relieve stress?


Stress can really do a number on our lives. There are a host of daily, stressful culprits, including:

• Commuting
• Work
• Errands
• Carpools

Ring any bells? Theses are the tension-filled times of the day that we feel not only in our mind, but our body as well. The funny part is most people don't know how tense they really are until they get help. One of the best ways to ooze stress out of our bodies is a thorough massage. Unfortunately, most health insurance policies don't cover at home masseuse visits. Though, if you own a pool or spa, help can come in the form of -- hydro-therapy.

More information on aquatic therapy: Hydrotherapy is the use of powerful water jets to help relieve aching muscles or a sore back. Also, since the jets can be altered by speed and size of the stream it can offer all kinds of relief. However, before you do hydrotherapy in your swimming pool or spa, check with a physical therapist first. They can tell you the best places to aim the jets on your body. Also, what temperature (hot or cold) the water should be when using it on your aches and pains.



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