Belts For Both Sexes

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Why are flotation belts made in different sizes?

Belts For Both Sexes

Some helpful information on aquatic therapy starts with choosing belts. We are not unisex creatures that wear silver jumpsuits; we are a collection of different male and female body types. Aside from bowling shoes, pretty much all clothing and apparel manufacturers recognize this fact. Even when it comes to aquatic therapy items like buoyancy belts (aka: flotation belts).

Buoyancy belts are devices that keep you stable during aquatic therapy exercises. Women's belts are generally narrower than those of men. And, men usually need a bit more belt to help them stay afloat. Manufacturers of these belts also produce belts based on other characteristics like children's sizes or for women who are pregnant.

*Before you grab a belt be sure it's right for you!



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