Triathlons: Personalized Power

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Why is an endless pool great for triathlon training?

Triathlons: Personalized Power

For a swimmer there are all kinds of land exercises to increase stamina and strength, however, other than a workout in the pool there aren't too many other ways to really build your swimming skills. If you own a pool or belong to a “world class” gym this might not be that much of a problem. Though, if you're like the majority of us without a personal inground pool, you might need to explore other options.

Endless Pools make personal pools small enough to fit anywhere and they cost half the price of a regular inground pool. Also, since you are using a stream of water to keep you swimming in place you can adjust it to a number of different strength levels (this can make it easier to simulate outdoor currents).

*These pools are perfect for athletes training for ultimate endurance challenges like a triathlon.



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