Feel The Burn In The Pool

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How many calories can you burn swimming?

Feel The Burn In The Pool

Tennis, volleyball, soccer, and basketball all help you stay in shape and burn calories. Ironically, one the top c-burners doesn't require you to be on your feet at all—swimming. When swimming for fitness, the quality of the workout is determined by two different factors:

• The amount of time you stay in the pool

• The type of stroke you decide to do

Quick facts about fitness swimming: When swimming for fitness, the longer you stay in the water, the more calories you will be burning. And, the two strokes that can help you burn the most calories are the slow crawl and the backstroke (either of these two strokes can help a 123lb woman burn 95 calories every 10 minutes—a 170lb man can burn 130 calories).

*Remember since no one body is 100% exactly the same neither are the results.



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