Strokes For Strength

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What swimming strokes help work every muscle?

Strokes For Strength

Want to learn about fitness swimming? If you go to a gym with the intentions of working many muscles and getting a cardio workout, you'll have to work extra hard. To accomplish this task, you will probably have to hit a number of different targeting machines. Plus, you will likely have to make time on the treadmill or teack. However, there is a way you can work all of your muscles, plus get cardio with one stroke—literally. Try swimming.

Swimming for fitness can really give you a total workout just by using strokes (like the breaststroke or the backstroke). These strokes can work muscles like:

• Abdominal

• Biceps

• Triceps

• Gluteals

• Hamstrings

• Quadriceps

*Swimming can also lower your blood pressure—how's that for a total body workout?



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